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Job Posting Details

Bus Driver / Transit Bus Driver

$16.00 Paid Training; Max $27.18/hr. (6 years to max. pay rate)



Are you a safe driver with an EXCELLENT DMV record? Are you a "people person"? (Safe and Nice :-) Open Application policy for position of Bus Operator. Seek to hire and train qualified applicants. Please apply at any time for consideration for the job. As a Bus Operator you drive around our beautiful city and can build job skills and meet interesting people while providing a valuable service to our community. MTD has a stable work environment with an excellent benefit package.

* No experience is required in order to apply (but related experience with good references is a "plus" for you)
* Paid training for Commercial Class B license @ $16.00 per hour
* Drivers hourly wage, after training $17.13 Max pay $27.18 -- 6 years to reach max pay with two "step increases" yearly.... 3 yr. Bargaining unit contract Teamsters Union Local 186 was finalized
* Great benefit package includes family health insurance, pension and more!

If you are interested, please apply on line, by fax or mail or in person. If you are hired, your seniority is determined first by date of hire. For those who begin on same day for training then seniority goes by date and time of application. We encourage your resumes and certificates of training and achievements! We also require that in addition to these and your DMV H-6 printout, that you complete an MTD Application form. You may do this on-line, or by fax, mail, or in person.

A completed application requires a one time (1 time) attendance at a video and orientation: Current SCHEDULE:

WEDNESDAY, February 22, 2017 12:00 noon -- 2:30 pm
Please arrive at 11:50 AM for the 12:00 noon start time

The first 45 minutes of Orientation is information about the job, wages, work hours, benefits & a Q&A. The final hour and a half is a multiple choice situational video related to your customer service skills, knowledge, abilities & judgment :-)

Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District
550 Olive St., Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Phone (805) 963-3364 FAX (805) 963-3365
HR Dept. Manager: Mary Gregg

EOE/Drug Free Workplace

Next Orientation meeting with information, hand-outs and video

WEDNESDAY, February 22, 12:00 noon -- 2:30 pm
Please arrive at 11:50 AM for the 12:00 noon start time

It is to your advantage to apply earlier we'll give you information about this and much more at the Orientation session!
Applicants who took the video before or who wish to take it as scheduled please call. As part of your complete application, we ask for a current DMV printout FORM H-6 from the Dept. of Motor Vehicles demonstrating superior safe driving record. As a Public Entity, MTD cannot accept a record that has DUI or Reckless showing for last 10 years.

Please provide complete information on the MTD application form which asks for 10 years of job history and supervisor references. It is OK to attach a resume as long as you provide all information on the application form that does not show on your resume.
We appreciate if you have and include additional information or documents for references, certifications, training or any job or volunteer experiences that you feel can relate to your being a conscientious driver in public transit. Must be able to safely lift 50 lbs. People skills and safe driving are required :-)

Age requirements:
Minimum: 21 years old and having held a license to drive for five years.
There is no age maximum: It is required that you can successfully complete DMV physical requirements for your Class B Commercial Drivers License and are able to physically perform the essential job duties.

Orientation and hand-outs describe work hours and pay increases and benefits, job responsibilities.

Applicants who pass the video and are invited to interview meet with Staff. To comply with requirements of the US Department of Transportation and the CA Department of Motor Vehicles, you are required to pass a post-job-offer pre-placement physical which includes a drug and alcohol screen.

We look forward to talking to you!