SBCC (campus side) SBCC (across Cliff Dr.) Cliff & Meigs Carrillo & San Pascual Storke & Marketplace El Colegio & Camino Corto UCSB
07:13a    07:18a    07:24a  07:41a
07:47a    07:52a    07:58a  08:15a
08:21a    08:26a    08:32a  08:49a
08:45a    08:50a    08:56a  09:13a
09:19a    09:24a    09:30a  09:47a
09:48a    09:53a    09:59a  10:16a
10:17a    10:22a    10:28a  10:45a
10:46a    10:51a    10:57a  11:14a
11:49a    12:08p    12:13p  12:24p
12:53p    01:12p    01:17p  01:28p
01:57p    02:16p    02:21p  02:32p
03:01p    03:20p    03:25p  03:36p
04:05p    04:24p    04:29p  04:40p
05:19p    05:39p    05:44p  05:54p
05:51p    06:11p    06:16p  06:26p

Please note: Times listed are approximate and are subject to change. Please arrive at your bus stop a few minutes before the bus is scheduled to depart. This schedule is effective August 21, 2017.