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Services for Passengers with Special Needs

MTD offers many services for passengers with special needs. In addition to the list below, passengers may also contact Easy Lift, the provider of paratransit service for persons who are unable to ride MTD buses due to a disability. Please call Easy Lift at (805) 681-1181 if you think you may qualify.

Wheelchair Accessibility


All MTD buses are equipped with wheelchair lifts or ramps and can accommodate all wheelchairs and three-wheeled scooters that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines.

For your safety, please back on to the lift when boarding the bus, if possible. Many bus stops are wheelchair accessible and are marked as such with a blue wheelchair symbol.

Drivers can only operate the wheelchair lift or ramp at stops that are approved and marked as accessible. To locate those bus stops that are accessible please visit the Maps & Schedules pages. Wheelchair accessible stops are marked with a bullet. (•)

If you are unsure how to ride the bus, please call the MTD/Easy Lift Mobility Coordinator at 681-1181. Arrangements can be made to practice boarding and departing in private.

Reduced Fare and Medicare ID Cards

Eligible passengers with disabilities pay a reduced fare to ride MTD buses.

To obtain a reduced fare MTD photo ID card, passengers must have an application completed by a qualified physician or an MTD-certified social service agency. You may download an application here, or get one at the MTD Transit Center, or call 963-3366 for more information.

Passengers may also present a disabled photo ID card from another transit agency, a valid Medicare ID card, or a valid California DMV Disabled Placard Receipt to obtain a reduced fare MTD photo ID card.

If the photo ID card is lost, a replacement fee of $5.00 will be charged. The pass for persons with disabilities is called the Mobility Pass.


Users of TDD systems for hearing and speech impairment may receive schedule information by calling 681-1181 between 8 am - 12 pm and 1 pm - 5 pm daily.

You may also dial 711 to access California Relay Service.

Visually Impaired Passengers

All transfer point bus stops and major intersections are announced by MTD drivers. Additionally, as the bus approaches a transfer point bus stop, the driver announces the bus line number, which is heard externally by waiting passengers. The bus driver will also announce any other stops on request.

The Schedule Guide is available in large print at Santa Barbara's Braille Institute (682-6222), and at the Transit Center.

Service Animals

Service animals such as guide dogs may ride the bus. All service animals must be on a harness or leash at all times and either sit on the floor out of the aisle or be held on the passenger's lap.

Low Floor Kneeling Buses

Buses can be lowered at the push of a button to make it easier to board.

More Information

Contact MTD's Americans with Disabilities Act representative by:

  • PHONE: (805) 963-3364
  • MAIL: Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District, 550 Olive Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101
  • FAX: (805) 963-3365, or
  • E-MAIL: