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Emergency Ride Home Program

How to get home free!

If you ride the bus to work at least once a week, you're eligible for the Traffic Solutions Emergency Ride Home Program. It's an incentive provided by Traffic Solutions to encourage you to take the bus to work -- without fear of being stranded.

It works like this: get your ride and send us the bill!

To qualify for the Emergency Ride Home Program, log your commute trips on SmartRide. If you have an emergency and need to get home right away, call a taxi or the car rental company of your choice. Pay for your ride home and get a receipt, then email us at to request a reimbursement form. Return your completed form and a copy of your receipt and we'll mail you a reimbursement check for up to $55.

Visit Traffic Solutions Emergency Ride Home Program (or call 963-SAVE) for more information.