SANTA BARBARA—As part of the ongoing renovation of Santa Barbara MTD’s Transit Center in Downtown Santa Barbara, the next phase of the project will require a sidewalk closure. This closure will begin on Thursday, April 30, 2020.

The public sidewalk, curb, and gutters will be replaced on the east side of the 1000 block of Chapala Street in the area between the Temporary Transit Center facilities and the exit driveway to City Lot 3. In order to facilitate this work, the sidewalk will be closed between Carrillo Street and the Temporary Transit Center facilities. This closure is expected to last approximately 4 weeks.

Additionally, the bus Lines 3 and 20 that generally load and unload in Zone A (in front of the old Greyhound property, near the corner of Carrillo and Chapala) will be moved to Zone D (area near Riley’s Flowers just past Figueroa Street). These changes will be in effect all days of the week and all times of day. Pedestrians looking to reach the temporary Transit Center and Zones B, C and D will need to approach via at the Figueroa intersection with Chapala Street.

For more information about the Transit Center Renovation project, please visit the project website at

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