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Advertising on buses is a great way to get your message out to a broad audience on a frequent and consistent basis. MTD’s buses are the only billboards in town – your clients & customers are either riding buses or following buses every day! Our fleet circulates throughout South Coast Santa Barbara County 363 days per year, covering more than 2.6 million miles in more than 200,000 hours on the road and carrying about 6 million passengers. Whether you put your ad on the inside or outside of a bus, that’s a LOT of potential impressions!

Please see the rate sheet below for details on the costs of advertising on the various types of buses in MTD’s fleet.

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MTD regularly purchases assets, goods, and services necessary to provide public transit service. The procurement processes for doing so are based on full, open, and fair competition to the maximum extent feasible and as required by applicable laws and regulations. MTD utilizes typical governmental solicitation processes such as invitations for bids (IFB), requests for proposals (RFP), and less formal methods for smaller purchases of materials, supplies and services.

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Goal

It is MTD’s policy to create a level playing field for Disadvantaged Business Enterprises, ensure the program is narrowly tailored to applicable law, ensure that only firms that meet eligibility standards participate in the program, and assist in the development of firms so they can compete successfully in the marketplace outside of the DBE program.

MTD will take every necessary and reasonable step under 49 CFR Part 26 to ensure nondiscrimination in the award and administration of Federal Transit Administration assisted contracts.

To qualify as a DBE a firm must meet the eligibility criteria stated in 49 CFR Part 26 and be certified through the California Unified Certification Program which is supervised by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans).  General information and details about eligibility requirements and becoming certified as a DBE can be found by clicking on the following links:

Small Purchases

MTD carries out non-recurring small purchases on an as-needed basis. In these instances, MTD normally limits contact to 2 or 3 vendors for requesting quotes. MTD selects these vendors based upon internet or telephone searches, knowledge of the market or trade, past experience with vendors, and expediency. If you wish to be considered for obtaining a quote, contact the appropriate person shown below.

For the purchase of supplies and services needed on an ongoing basis (office supplies, bus parts, etc.), MTD typically establishes a “pre-approved vendor” list each calendar year. The competitive process for selecting such vendors takes place for a particular need occurs at least once every five years. To be considered for placement on a particular pre-approved vendor list, contact the appropriate person shown on this page.

Formal Solicitations

With respect to the larger, publicly-noticed IFBs, RFPs, etc., interested parties may obtain pertinent information about active solicitations on this page. Bidder lists are typically developed prior to issuance of the solicitation through internet or telephone searches, knowledge of the market or trade, and past solicitations. If you wish to participate in an upcoming or ongoing formal solicitation, contact Purchasing to be placed on the bidder list for that project in order to receive e-mail notifications regarding project requirements, activities and updates. Due to the limited number of formal solicitations, MTD does not maintain formal bidder lists or have a vendor registration database.

Protest Procedures

Procurement protest procedures have been established by MTD to ensure uniform, timely, and equitable consideration of any complaints received concerning procurement activities. A copy of MTD’s protest procedures is available at the following link: MTD Protest Procedures

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Bus Parts & Bus Cleaning Supplies

Steve Hahn

Facilities Maintenance, Service & Supplies

Frank Reynoso

Office Equipment & Supplies

Lilly Gomez

IT Equipment, Service & Supplies

Pablo Zuniga

Bus Stops & Passenger Information

Steve Maas

All Others

Valerie White


Santa Barbara MTD

Request for Proposals for VoIP Phone System

The Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District (MTD), a public transit operator, is requesting proposals for a complete overhaul of its current telephone system. The scope of work seeks a Contractor to provide a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system (on-prem or cloud), including design, equipment, installation, and implementation, with ongoing service and support. Request for Proposals (RFP) packages are available to interested parties starting on April 17, 2024. Detailed information about the RFP will be available on MTD’s website at Proposals will be accepted by MTD via email only to until Wednesday, May 15, 2024, at 10:00 AM (PDT). Any offers received after that time will be rejected. All contract terms are contained or referenced in the RFP package.

Request for Qualifications for Renewable Diesel Supply

The Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District (MTD), a public transit operator, is issuing a Request for Qualifications for Renewable Diesel Supply (RFQ).  Contact for details. The RFQ is the initial step for a future and separate Invitation for Bids for Renewable Diesel Supply (IFB). The IFB will be for the provision and delivery of approximately 500,000 gallons of renewable diesel annually from January 1, 2025, through December 31, 2025, with an option to offer MTD an 18-month contract. The fuel specification and delivery requirements are included in the RFQ. The RFQ process will pre-qualify interested parties by determining their financial and technical capacity to meet MTD’s statement of work requirements and contract terms and conditions. Only those parties pre-qualified through this RFQ process will be invited to participate in the future IFB. The pre-qualification submittal must be received by MTD no later than Tuesday,  July 2, 2024, by 10:00 AM (local time). FAILURE OF MTD TO RECEIVE THE PRE-QUALIFICATION SUBMITTAL BY THIS DEADLINE WILL DISQUALIFY THE PARTY FROM PARTICIPATING IN THE FUTURE IFB.

The Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District (MTD) is issuing this Combined Request for Qualifications/Request for Proposals (RFQ/RFP) for Development of MTD Calle Real Property to serve as developer to develop, construct, manage and operate a residential rental project, at Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District’s (MTD) property located at 4678 Calle Real/149 North San Antonio Road in unincorporated Santa Barbara County. MTD’s goal is construction of a Transit Oriented Development (TOD) that will provide mixed-income rental housing, improved transportation facilities and public benefits consistent with MTD’s mission as a public transit district and existing Eastern Goleta Valley Community Plan land use and zoning designations. MTD’s intent is to minimize financial risk to MTD and maximize long term financial return in support of MTD operations through a long-term ground lease of the property.

Important Bidders List Note

To be added to the bidders list for the above projects, send an e-mail to the specific contact listed in the procurement document, indicating the specific project. While MTD will provide courtesy e-mails regarding project solicitation documents, announcements, and updates to those on the bid list, it remains the responsibility of interested parties to check this web page for the latest solicitation-related information. Failure of an interested party to take into account solicitation requirements posted on this web page but not received by e-mail from MTD will not relieve the bidder of any consequences of its not meeting the requirements.

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