SANTA BARBARA – Santa Barbara MTD’s annual August service changes will go into effect at the beginning of the day on Monday, August 19, 2019.

These changes were developed through a yearlong planning process, assessing on-time performance, changing traffic pressures and patterns, and community outreach.

The changes include minor routing changes around Cottage Hospital for the Line 3 (Oak Park), due to the changing focal point of the hospital campus to Pueblo Street from Bath Street.

In an effort to improve the express nature of Lines 12x (Goleta Express) and 24x (UCSB Express), these lines will now make fewer stops. The bus stops skipped by these lines are still served by other routes. The stops no longer served are as follows:

Inbound Stops No Longer Served on Express Lines

Line 12xLine 24x
Hollister at Los Carneros WayStorke at Santa Felicia
Hollister at HartleyStorke at Sierra Madre
Hollister at GriggsEl Colegio at Stadium

Outbound Stops No Longer Served on Express Lines

Line 12xLine 24x
Chapala at AnapamuChapala at Anapamu
Arrellaga at De La VinaArrellaga at De La Vina
Hollister at Wendy’sEl Colegio at Stadium
Hollister at LopezEl Colegio at Camino Corto
Hollister at David LoveStorke at El Colegio
Hollister at Robin HillStorke at Whittier
Hollister at Willow SpringsStorke at Santa Felicia
Hollister at Los Carneros Way

Beginning with the start of UCSB’s fall quarter in late September, the Line 28 (UCSB Shuttle) service will increase to every 10 minutes on weekdays from 7am to 6pm.

The new schedule also includes minor changes to the schedules Lines 4, 5, 10, 14, 15x, 17, and 20 to improve on-time performance.

Several of the booster services that serve area Junior Highs and High Schools have had minor adjustments made to their schedules and routes to improve on-time performance and efficiency. Booster schedules can be found online here. The booster lines affected are listed below:

  • La Colina Junior High: 2410 AM, 2420 AM & PM, 2430 AM & PM
  • San Marcos High: 2510 AM & PM, 2540 AM
  • Goleta Valley Junior High: 2610 PM, 2620 PM, 2630 PM, 2650 AM & PM
  • Dos Pueblos High: 2720 AM & PM, 2730 PM

The new schedule guide reflecting these changes is available at the Transit Center or online here.

MTD encourages riders to double-check the schedule to see if their regular departure times have been altered. Customer Service Representatives are available for assistance at (805) 963-3366.

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